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The Search for Jesus - The Miraculous Healings Part II

April 30th, 2017

- Mark 5:21-43


1. Are you a master of the Word or are you mastered by the Word? Do you come to church to hear what you agree with or are you coming to submit yourself to the authority of God’s word? When you read, understand, and apply God’s word you will be blessed!

2. To be mastered by the passage I need to…

A)   What is the connection of the meaning to your personal situation?

B) What do these verses reveal about God – Who He is or what He does? You are setting up the scenario so that you understand there is a ‘bigger issue’ at hand; not just your present problem or situation.

C) What do these verses reveal about people – me or people in general?

D) What should I resolve to do in response to these verses/passage?
What is explicit in the text?
What is implicit? What looks wise as a result of the passage’s meaning?

E) How does this passage help me in loving God or loving my neighbor?

3. Write out 10 things you appreciate that God has given you in each of your closest relationships.

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