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The Search for Jesus - SEE! Part VIII

August 27th, 2017

- Mark 10:35-52


1. Mark off a time of the day devoted to God. Recognize him throughout the day. Worship him daily. Basically, walk with him. This is a time with a two-fold purpose.
  First, to worship: get to know Him, be humbled by His holiness, comforted by His love and strengthened by His presence.
  Second, change: root out sin and establish biblical attitudes and actions in your life. Perhaps you start with 20 minutes a day.

2. Your quiet time with the Lord must be:
     A. Quiet: no distractions. (I tend to play music to drown out other distractions and to humble my heart in a prayerful mood. You may wish to start with a song, hymn or psalm to move your heart into a prayerful direction.)

     B. A time to meet God. Still your heart, ask for his presence, concentrate.

     C. Listen to God by reading a passage from His Word. Make observations and implications based on those observations. Is there a promise to claim? Is there a sin to confess? A command to obey? An example to follow? An error to avoid? What does the passage say about God, His character or person? What actions must you take in your life in obedience to Him?

     D. Pray.
          a. Start with thanksgiving. Praise God for what you just read, for his work of salvation and his limitless love. Praise Him for His work in you and in this world. Be specific. Search your life for things to praise him for.

          b. Confession. Prayerfully consider your life and search it for sin. Search not just sinful deeds but also good deeds you neglected to do as well.

          c. Make your request known to God. This is both for yourself and interceding on other’s behalf.

          d. Praise God for hearing your requests and for forgiving your sins.

3. What does your current prayer life say about your relationship with Jesus?

4. If loving God was a crime, would you be found guilty in a court of law? What evidences over the last week would they use to prove that you love God? List them out.

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