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The Search for Jesus - SEE! Part IX

September 3rd, 2017

- Mark 11:1-26

"Israel: From palm branches to withered roots"



If God guarantees fruit to the faithful are you producing fruit? What kind of fruit are you producing?

2. Does your fruit reflect that of the Holy Spirit? Is it Spiritual Fruit?

3. If not consider using the three trees diagram and do a self-counseling project to help you as you seek to change into the image of Christ.

Identify the heart problem
Prayerfully research what the Bible says about the problem (what are the put on and put offs).
Make concrete goals.
Enlist 2-3 people for prayer, encouragement and accountability.
Keep a log mapping out how often the problem occurs and in what circumstances it occurs.
What is my situation?
How am I responding?
What is ruling me? (Desires, expectations, fears, beliefs)
What are the consequences of my reaction? (vicious circles)
Who is God?
What does He say?
What resources will He provide to help in my need?
How can I turn to God for help? (Hebrews 4:16)
How should I now responding to the situation in order to honor God?
What are the consequences of living in faith and obedience?


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